Saturday, 12 September 2009

Oh, the shame....

Disgraceful, really - April? Oh dear. Still, no time like the present. I'll get straight to the point...there's a Sparks in October. The 6th, to be precise.
Would you like to know who's reading? Yes? I'm not surprised...

Tim Wells

Wendy Greenhalgh

Sarah Charsley

James Burt -

Nik Perring

Jon Heath - no info. for him as yet...

Will that do? I should jolly well hope so.
I really am looking forward to this - I look forward to drinks and natterings, to the 'hilarity' of missing the last train home as I now live a fair way outside Brighton. Ah, the drunken spending of £45 - brilliant.
I think you'll agree that the quality, as always, is high.
See you all soon....x